Act Like a Saint, Think Like the Savior

The number one rated movie in America is “Think Like a Man” which is based on Steve Harvey’s best seller “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”. This amazing book serves as a practical wisdom guide to women of all ages, race, and status to begin to value themselves as women of integrity while positioning themselves to move from “concubine positions to covenant partnership” This instant comedic classic while viewing caused my mind to begin to consciously think that if a woman can act like a lady and think like a man. Then why can’t all believers and even non believers come into a relationship with God and begin to “Act Like a Saint and Think Like the Savior”!

The questions that are relative to our thought can simply start here with two questions. What are the things that separate sinners from saints? What is it that separates the committed Christian from the casual Christian? I dare to say that it simply comes down to the choices we make before our companions, children, co-workers, and fellow Christians. The positive results that occur in life or the negative tension that comes in our life are often brought on by the choices we make whether publicly or privately. Choices are the driving influence by which we willfully follow Christ in such a way that bring glorification to God or misery to the Master. In the book of Joshua in chapter twenty-four the summation of Joshua’s character is shared as he gathered the people to ask a simply question / statement “choose you this day whom you will serve”. Life is filled with choices day by day. Our “saint’ status in the world is always under critical assessment by the choices we make before others. We can achieve the “social status” of a saint of God by making wise choices. My prayer is that we begin to be assets to the kingdom and not liabilities to the kingdom of God!

Christian character demonstrates itself by letting the word of God dictate your way of living. Character is a unique entity! It should remain consistent whether in moments of ease or difficulties. It was shared to me by one of my high school coaches that character is simply who you are when no one is watching you. As we desire to be saints and think like the savior may we evaluate our character formations to insure that what others see from us is a consistent reality. There is nothing more disappointing than to be in need of a particular product only to arrive and find that there are imitations or lower quality products that has replaced the original product. Oftentimes sadly that’s the commentary that’s coming from the camp of non-believers as they view we the church of God. Yet as we take each day and live it to acceptance of God by “Acting Like a Saint and Thinking Like the Savior”, I just believe we can become compassionate Christians making solid choices that are based off of the Christian character we can so proudly display through the spirit of the Living God.

-Elder Roger L. Russell, Senior Pastor
Stones River Church

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