“Be Faithful To Forgive”

Matthew 18:21-22
Isaiah 43:25
Psalm 116:12

As I have been afforded a front row seat in the lives of many people, I come to notice what seems to be a recurring obstacle in many believers lives is the stressful struggle of forgiveness; many express that they can forgive but never forget. What a very tight rope to walk in our human experience.

Forgiveness is truly unconditional love given to humanity by God and what a gift it is; this gift of forgiveness from our God who has covered and concealed our disobedient actions. The garden experience of “Adam and Eve” put into motion a cause and effect plan that God gave unto us in the garden. Adam’s disobedience caused God to enact His word of a “death punishment” yet through God’s nature of love, grace, and mercy God released a provisional plan that rescued us. By the sacrificial offering of His son Jesus of Nazareth on Calvary’s cross we gained the opportunity to receive forgiveness. All we have to do to receive such love is “confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts that Christ Jesus was raised from the dead” then we can be saved and forgiven by God of our offenses. God not only forgives us but scripture declares He “blots out” our transgression. God hides from himself the evidence of our mistakes.

If that kind of love is given to us should we not try to imitate our Lord as we deal with situations that causes grief and grudges to rise in our life. Our desire to “be like” Christ should be stronger than the hurt, pain, grudge, or willingness to hold on to the memory of situation that causes grief. Forgiveness from my perspective takes the godly element in you to be stronger than the grudge in you. It may not always be an easy task but with prayer and being conscious of the many articles of evidence that prove our guiltiness, we should offer others an olive branch of forgiveness. For a gift received there should be a gift rendered!

Your Servant
Roger L. Russell
Senior Pastor / Teacher
Stones River Church

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