The Crisis of the Church

The Church of Jesus Christ maybe for the first time in our generation is facing a crisis we haven’t seen nor been use to dealing with. Over the last decade we have witnessed such great highs and lows of the church. We have seen filled to capacity churches; filled in such a way that the traditional constructions have been abandoned to build in the likeness of stadiums. In recent times we have preached as pastors in the best of financial times and now in some of the worst of financial times. The internet has served for opportunity and exposure to ministers and ministries creating wider nets for introduction to the gospel message of Jesus Christ. However along the way we have seen mega models of ministry go up and some come down fast. We have seen church move from being a place of spiritual edification to now sometimes places of spiritual socialism and entertainment.

What a great disconnect from what Christ intended the church to be! We often times value / rank ministries by bodies, budgets, and buildings rather than about soul salvation. The work that Jesus Christ gave to us is found in Matthew 28:19-20 known as the “great commission”. Yet sadly we have seen this command by Christ go unwanted and unworked. The disconnect has happened because out lack of desire to be fully engaged in the community in which we as churches reside. What happened to the day that the church was the pillar and cornerstone of a community? Now it seems that the church is simply another building passed by daily with no attraction or enticement. Rarely active other that Sundays and Wednesdays!

We simply have become delusional to think people will somehow just show up to the church by the presence of the building along. We my friend as believers must awaken from our church slumber and move out of the walls of the church to meet the mandates of God with the gospel of Jesus Christ which has saved countless men and women by the masses. The enemy wants us to believe that bigger building, bigger signs, and bigger budget will bring people yet I believe that the ones whom Jesus called and qualified must rise up and raise the banner of the cross while committing to community evangelism. Exposing humanity to the life altering power of the gospel and loving like Jesus all in whom we come in contact with; connecting them to Christ by way of the church.

Dutifulness is what we are in need of! I heard it once said that people will reject religion until that know that you are real. It’s our Christian duty to be real and to touch lives as ours have been touched. It’s our work to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless or stranger within our gates, give drink to those who are thirsty, visit the sick, and those who are bound in prison. What a well placed job description in Matthew 25:31-46. Ministry that’s practical and personal is the model set forth by the Master. May we be found doing the work of the church when Christ returns not simply waiting for the return.

Elder Roger L. Russell

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