The Life of Jesus & The Love of Jesus

The life of our Lord can be simply stated as the most remarkable life that was ever lived. What can we compare our Lord to? The existence of Him changed the world forever. Jesus with His birth into time parted what was with was to come. Jesus life from conception to the uncovering of it by the angelic host that praised His arrival, to the shepherds who came running, and the magi who came with gift left our world as we know it forever changed. This life was one that brought righteousness of living close enough to be beheld with eyes and touched with hands. The bible reports that men left saying “What manner of man is this”. Jesus ability to love the least, extend outreach to the outcast, and touch the terrible of heart then and now requires us to repeat those same words, “What manna of man is this”! What would you and I be if not for the example of pure love given to us by the Father by way of His Son? Some would say that one person can’t change a world, I deny the charge one life did in fact change the world then, now, and forever more. Other men and women are mentioned for great deeds, inventions, or thoughts but none are remembered for saving humanity. As we embark upon “Holy Week” may we be conscious to what God did for us through His son. Please take time this week to peruse the website and see ways in which we can consecrate our lives as we climax together on Resurrection Sunday. May our God richly bless each one of you.
-Elder Roger L. Russell-Senior Pastor

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  1. Bernard Boulton

    Sun 22nd Apr 2012 at 8:11 am

    Great site and a great Word.


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