Trusting God in Uncertain Times

The Problems, The Provisions
Genesis 22:5-18

Most if not all of us have come to different places in our lives where we are faced with great levels of uncertainty. For some its family problems, for some it’s financial collapse, and for others its faith failures or many other circumstances that would be to lengthy to name. No one in this life is exempt from having to go through moments that press your back against the wall or your shoulders to the mat causing you to contemplate throwing in the towel. It has been said often by many great orators that “you either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or on your way to a storm”. What a very truthful statement to help us become aquatinted with the sober reality that dark clouds can and will come.

The trick of the enemy is to convince us to look at the situations and stressors in our lives rather that looking at the salvation that the Savior has made available to us. Let me also share that salvation in each circumstance can be different; meaning that salvation may be that we gain knowledge, strength, insight, or pain by walking through the gift of a rough road. I’ve come to rough patches in my life that taught me that trusting in God is the way. Faith that is sight oriented is not a faith at all. Faith can be understood by understanding that we place our trust in God to do, bring to past, or guide us to life shaping encounters while helping us to do what we are unable to do on our own.

Whatever you may be facing in your life trust God to see you through for He is our Jehovah-Jireh just ask Abraham!

Your Servant
Roger L. Russell
Senior Pastor / Teacher
Stones River Church

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