What is Love?

Love is the most sought after energy that living entities desperately seek to find or invest. What would we be without love that has been freely expressed in our lives? Life without love can be compared to a vase without flowers; marvelous artwork but yet empty. Love from the beginning of biblical presentation has been an expression towards a living entity that gathered in its value by the expression of love rendered to them. This kind of love is the perfect example for us to mimic in a world that exist today. We have all come to see the ill effect of what the absence of this kind of love within our churches, communities, cities and our country looks like. Our inability to responsibly respect our differences and come to light of the things we align ourselves together in for love sake. Love that comes from this kind of expression finds reasons to continue rather than find reasons to depart. Biblical love while acknowledging imperfections finds a way to massage the clay jars with each stroke removing the rubbish that can often time is visible unless lovingly removed by the steady hand of the potter. This kind of love that is on display as evidence in the book of Genesis demonstrates love that is an orderly design, orchestrated by a loving Deity, and ordered towards “dust”. It’s out of this kind of measured and momentous love that we can begin to immolate as credible witness of our Lord. The question for me that continues to leave me baffled and bewildered upon mental investigation is the most simple questions of “why and how”. Why would this kind of directed, determined, and dutiful love be given to such an awful distorted individual such as I am? How can God as pure as God is be as loving to such a “wretch as I”? I’ve come to some sort of finite answer that is simple but yet has depth. The love God gives to us is a love that is shared in spite of rather than because of. We often love others because of what is given, granted, and gained not simply because of! The invisible nature of God deposits such tangible evidence of love in our lives. We have received this covering, compassion, and counsel from God that gives notice for we the recipients of this favor not because of anything we neither earned nor deserve. Now armed with this beautiful communal love that exist between Creator and creation gives room for our ability to deposit this love within others.

This kind of love can be described as an inward concern and compassion that manifest itself upon a determined target. Love has a multitude of manifestations. Love that is “agape” in nature is anchored in a love that’s ethical, extensive, and encamping. God’s love was made known to us directly by way of Jesus as he promoted ethical love. The law of God’s word is the foundation and authority of love that is ethical. We can ask why love is so important and what gives love its prominence to be understood as ethical. Since the bible is our reference to the insight of God’s love may we peruse the written expression of God? The character of love is given in 1 Corinthians 13 and understood greater in John 3:16. The letter to the Christians in Corinth gives a model of love. Love is the primary fiber of the gospel message and the social behavior of every Christian. Christ utilized the Old Testament command which is to “love God and your neighbor” and “On these two commands hang the whole law and prophets”. For Paul’s love is a moral necessity for it fulfills the law (Rom. 13:8-10; Gal. 5:14). James the brother of Jesus considers love as the fulfillment of the law and John the beloved apostle said “This is the love of God, that we keep His commandments”(I John 5:3). The love ethic of Jesus is expressed in a community that’s concerned about principles that become practices. This picture of love allows for hands of opposing brothers to be united for common causes of freedom and fellowship.

Elder Roger L. Russell

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